About Lumimax

Are you interested in a cosmetic treatment aimed at reducing facial stains and scars?



Facial rejuvenation

Decrease of thin lines and wrinkles

Reduction of acne

Skin depigmentation and lightening

Recovery from skin sun damage

Facial toning


How it works

Based on chronotherapy, Lumimax treatment involves the application of multiple panels with LEDs of different colors to stimulate skin cells.

This equipment combines different energy technologies applying 2.500 leds with different functions:

Red Light: Increases the production of collagen up to five times.

Yellow Light: Reduces redness and irritation by stimulating lymphatic circulation.

Green Light: Reduces melanin production, reducing the red spots and hyperpigmentation.


(*) LumiMax is a Estetique, Inc trade mark.

Resumen / Summary
Tratamiento / Treatment
Descripción / Description
Lumimax is a cosmetic treatment aimed at reducing facial stains and scars.
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